Prentke Romich Company | AAC Language Tech

I've worked with PRC for quite some time on a slew of projects. Their style is clean, modern, professional and welcoming. We've developed everything from multi-page brochures and marketing posters to signage and banners. Utilizing their prior brand guidelines, we keep the company's visual identity alive and while ensuring that they retain recognition across all platforms from print to web.

Timocco Marketing Flyer

A-4 Marketing Poster

Flag banners for the PRC demo launch.

The Wrap Up

A great message and an even greater cause. PRC continues to be on leading-edge of AAC Speech technology. Their modern outlook keeps them relevant  and bold display fonts maintain a timeless design.

Client's Review

"We continue to be impressed with Joseph's work. He works quickly, professionally and provides high-quality designs. He responds quickly and handles the back and forth of multiple changes and revisions wonderfully and professionally. Will, of course, hire him again soon."

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I’m a brand designer originally from the hip(pie) town of Saugerties in Upstate NY - Just a hop, skip and jump from Woodstock - now residing in Washington Heights, NYC. I sold my Real Estate company to pursue my passion for design and so here I am. I also have a huge fluffy husky/collie mix that doesn’t like rain but loves watermelon and talking back.