Milwaukee Burger Company | Restaurant Chain

For this project I was hired to parallel the company's recent rebrand and create four separate identity logos/graphics that had individuality to be displayed throughout the six local Wisconsin restaurants. Edgy, modern and bold, MBC focuses its marketing efforts around Wisconsin pride and does it loudly. The graphics were to be staples of the brand and visuals for both employees and customers to better understand who MBC is and what they stand for.

The first graphic "Oozing With Wisconsin," seen above, is a text graphic in the shape of Wisconsin utilizing one of MBC's many visual tag lines. The towns highlighted in slate gray represent the restaurant's six locations throughout Wisconsin. The verbiage that constructs the graphic are well-know words to Wisconsin natives - Wisconsin Slang.

Happiest People On Earth | Version 1
Happiest People On Earth | Version 2

This graphic was created specifically for employees to remind them that well... They're the "Happiest People On Earth." Check your problems at the door, Leave your worries at home, You wear a smile, You're on stage, Greet every guest you walk past, While at work our staff is happy. This graphic is intended to be sprinkled throughout the restaurant mainly where only staff can see it.

We Say Yes!
We Say Yes!

"We Say Yes!" We are here to please the guests, The customer is always right, We’ll go the extra mile for the guest. Get it the way you want it. We are a yes culture. Teamwork. This graphic is intend to stand on its own on a poster or tagboard that will be put on the door that goes out to the dining room/bar. Visible for servers to see as they walk out to serve their tables.


Giving back, promotions that give back, support local business and communities, support beer community, military discounts, burgers for boobs (Breast cancer fundraising event), rally around each other, rally around the community. This graphic will live towards the front of the restaurants, likely near the front door and will likely have a cork-board below it or next to it with past and upcoming community events MBC has planned. The # to be a part of it, but they wanted this to be the hashtag all of the stores use while helping out in the community. The graphic can be used for t-shirts and posters as well.

The Wrap Up

MBC and the vision they eat, sleep and breath brings a new outlook towards what a restaurant chain can be. Not profit driven but there to support their local community, businesses and Wisconsin Pride.

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