H&M Usa

The initiative was to design a networking folder and modernize the company's sell sheets for their products. We created product list sheets for each of the product categories for print and PDF dissemination.

Secondary Folder Design

Sell Sheet Version 1 | Established in 2008 by Michael & Helen Qiu, H&M USA has consistently offered the highest quality ingredients to the nutritional, food and  pharmaceutical industries. H&M USA is a premier distributor of Vitamins, Amino Acids, Botanical & Herbal Extracts, Specialty Materials, Food ingredients, Sweeteners and Pharmaceuticals. The company was founded on the principle of partnering with and complete transparency with our global manufacturing suppliers.

Sell Sheet Version 2

The Wrap Up

We ended the project with several great variations after a few revision rounds. As a nutraceuticals and supplement supply company, they need to retain a professional style while bringing a touch of modern to the game as well.

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